Drop me a note, I always answer.


And as always, I ask that you be polite.

Heather's House

This is me after work. My sneaking flatmate took this. I work as a dancer. An exotic dance, stripper. Whatever the term is that feels right to you. I do it for several reasons. The first is that I like it. It feels good to me to be the center of attention. I guess we are all like that in one way or another. I also have big expenses. Rent, food, tuition and text books. This job pays well. And I like it. I am at a new club now, so I donít have to go nude anymore. I must admit, I really HATED that a lot. Now it is back to just topless. Which is fine with me. I get more respect and I feel better about what I am doing.

Many people have questions about my dancing. If you have any, Email me and ask away! I would be happy to tell you anything you want to know about it. It must be obvious that I am not shy, so as long as you are polite I will answer any question you have.

The little guy next to me is CIM the Bear. He is a good little bear. He and I have been friends for years. I got him in Bavaria, Germany just after I finished my compulsory education. CIM is a great friend. Never gives me any trouble, and doesnít eat much. He also protects me from harm. Who would dare challenge such a fierce bear as CIM?

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The piercing pic is back.BE NICE!:

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