Heather's Updates

I am changing the entire format of the updates page. It is going to be kind of a running diary sort of thing now. I wonít delete the previous entry each time I make an addition. Also, some of the old ones will be added so that you can kind of follow along.

This new format should serve to make the entire thing more cohesive and easier to follow. I really hope so. Seems like it has been kind of a jumble so far. The idea when I started this adventure was to have fun. Making it hard to follow is not fun for anyone. Right?

This way to the new Updates Page!!!

Ever feel like this?
Special Note

My page counter continues to climb. And I really get a big smile from seeing how many people have come to see me. This is all so much fun! And the NedStat counter tells me where you are coming from. I do have one request. Really, this is so simple. I want to know who you are. Sign the guestbook. Or use the form on this page. Just tell me your name and where you are from. Then tell me how you found me. Please? And donít say search engine. I am not likely to believe any engine is going to turn up this page. Not now or ever!

So just let me know what drew you here. And who you are. I promise not to spam you. And signing a guestbook will not get your Email spammed either. So just say hello! And let me know whatís on your mind.



How did you find my page?

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