June 19th.

Today is June 19th. What a wonderful Saturday it has been. I worked around the house this morning trying to clean. After dancing till the wee hours it was a real task to stay focused. Finally got the biggest piles cleaned up and the place looking good. Wow.

This afternoon I worked on the you know what. I refuse to even type the word. It will bring bad luck on me! I did make a lot of progress. And I managed to figure out TELNET and got the files I needed from up north. That was kind of fun! And not too hard. Once I got the feel for it.

I did manage to sneak in a nap. And when I woke up I was real disoriented. That happens to me when I sleep during the day. Weird. But tonight the guys came over with beer and steak. We threw some charcoal on the grill and went to it! It was loads of fun. I really shouldnít eat like that! All that meat is not good for a girls waist line! But it was oh so delicious!

Tomorrow is the last day for my little contest. Nobody has gotten it yet. That tells me something. And it is that nobody reads this page for content. Which means I am probably going to spend less time on it. I always thought it was fun for you people to come here and read about all this stuff. If nobody really cares, then I will stop investing all this time in it.

Tomorrow I have to work. Tomorrow night. Not the best night. I can usually do okay, but not as well as some of the really big money nights. It will be better as the universities are out. That helps.

June 15th.

Good morning. Or whatever time it happens to be when you read this. Today is the 15th of June and we are having rain here in South Carolina. This is wonderful news. It has been so dry as to be a bit worrisome. The grass is all brown and the growing things are not growing.

All is well with the dreaded thesis. I have half a mind to post it to this page after it is done. Of course, who would care? I wonder how many people get this far into the page anyway?

I propose to find out!! Here is a challenge. I will place a secret code in this update. The first person to find it and Email it to me will a prize. Be prepared to give me your snailmail address if you win. So donít play if you are shy about that. And I promise not to come and bother you. So are you ready? Here is the secret code. QYOUV. Easy huh? No, it doesnít mean anything. It is just a random set of letters. I am going to be interested in who finds it. And I want an Email. Not just a ďHi, found the secret code. Here is my address.Ē

Well, it is after 9:00am and I still havenít found all my parts. Coffee is helping. I worked last night. Got to bed sometime around 2:00am. That may explain why I feel so fuzzy. Well, off I go. Into the wild blue. Actually, I am going to get a shower. The tiles are blue. I know what you are thinking right now. Naughty!!!

June 6th.

Hello. Today is June 6th. I cannot believe I have not updated this page in that long. It is a wonder that I did not get a nasty note from one of you telling me to get with it. Sorry for the lapse. Maybe I need a good spanking. :) School is done for the summer. And for the first time in 5 years I am not taking summer classes. I am going to spend the summer working in my thesis. And dancing. I also want to try to travel a little bit. I want to go and look at some of the cities I will be applying for work in another year and a half. That way when I start to get offers, I can have an idea of what these American towns are like. I get surprisingly little Email from this page. I guess not many people actually sit and write. That is unfortunate. I love to get notes in my mail. And I always reply. I guess I had better spend time working on the thesis than writing Email.

April 30th.

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. I am a bit disappointed in this page. I kind of thought that more interest would be taken in this page. Oh heck. Why would anyone really care? I will keep up with it because it is important to me. This forum provides me an outlet. I really need to make more use of it.

I have been giving some thought to the disparity of hits between the main page and the other pages of this little web of mine. The conclusion I have drawn is that when the first page gets hit, you are looking for nude pictures. I really believe this. One or two of you have even Emailed me asking for them.

So as soon as you see that there isnít anything naked here, off you go. For so many the Internet is a big adult book store. My only comment to you people is to strongly suggest that you get lives. :)

Hello!! Today is April 19th. Monday. Donít we all just love Monday? I know I do. Yea. Right. Where did the weekend go? I was just starting to relax and enjoy it and it was gone. Always happens like that.

Yesterday was an adventure. I got about 3 1/2 hours sleep Saturday night. I woke up Sunday and decided it would be a good day to shave. LOL!! Well, my legs look like I have been running thru barbed wire. I guess I should at least have had some coffee first. I am not sure my eyes were open enough to be wielding a razor against my flesh.

The work on the thesis is coming along swimmingly. I am on my way to the University library after lunch today to work some more on it. I have also sent away to several major US oil companies for information. They seem more than willing to help. That is nice. :)

I shall try my hardest to keep this page updated a bit more regularly. And so you know, the most recent updates are the ones on the top of the page. Have a happy day!!!

April 14. 1999

Here is the first entry in the new updates section. I really hope this works. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to do this. This system seems to have the greatest potential for success. I really hope that this page is something that the people who come here like. Please donít hesitate to Email me and let me know. If there is something else you want, or something you think I should change, let me know!! I want this to be interactive. That is part of the fun.

Update from mid March

Well, okay. I am sorry I was such a bitch about being asked for a nude photo. After all, I dance topless. Just a short jump to nude. And why not? Topless dancers are all just trashy girls anyway. Right?

So Yes, I am still a bit miffed. Sorry. But I have pure Scottish blood in me. We donít let things go so easy. But on to the news. I have had my Masters Thesis approved. This is going to be the biggest challenge I have ever faced in my life. Harder than anything I have ever done. There is plenty of time, but I have started already. I decided not to wait and let the pressure of time make it less than perfect. One reason the updates have been so long ignored is the lack of proper time to attend them. Sorry for that.

For those of you that have asked, the Scotland stuff is all here. I just need time to put it together, type it out, edit it and FTP it to the pages. It seems like that might be a while. I am so sorry. I really wanted those pages up by this spring.

Previous Update

Well now my friends. I want to make something perfectly clear. It is always fun to get Email. Really. And I answer EVERY SINGLE ONE. I enjoy hearing peoples thoughts and ideas. It is especially fun to meet new people on here. I have even exchanged snailmail with some of you. And what fun we have had with that!!

Some of you that have been long time visitors here may remember the piercing pic I had up when this page first went online. It was something that I thought long and hard about before I did posted. I finally decided to do it because it was something special to me. And I firmly believe that a bare breast is not pornographic. But when I posted my Email link, I asked that you always be polite? Remember? I mean, polite is not too much to ask. Is it? We all live together in society. And we all want to be treated decently.

I later removed the picture. Those of you that were here before can still find it, I am sure. It did not go far. :-) I removed it for personal reasons.

On to my point. I have always encouraged visitors to my webpages to send me Email. I have added Email links on several of the pages. I have asked you to sign the guestbook. And I have always told you to ask me anything you want. But above all, I have always requested that you be polite. Some have you have been racy, and some a little silly, but this one went over the line. I am sorry, but this is too much.

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 23:07:03 -0800 From: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Add to Address Book Subject: sex To: MissMcLeod@yahoo.com

Hi heather, my name is Sean. Please send me a nude photo of yourself, your body looks very nice. I wish I could be your teddy bear. My email is at skiflezghi@xxxxx.com. Bye!

The (Xís) were added by me to protect the privacy of this clown. Please tell me that this is not normal. Do men often ask women they donít even know for nude pictures of themselves? Have I been missing out on this chance to Email my naked body across cyberspace for so long? Do pigs like this ever get pictures sent to them? Please tell me, have I overreacted? Should I send him one and stop whining? Let me know. Oh, the name of the sender doesnít match the signature. And the Email addresses are different too. I wonder why.....

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