A brief history

Scotland is a wonderful country with a rich and colorful history. Like almost every other country, Scotland had to fight to be free. This battle for freedom is portrayed in the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson. It is an exciting story, filled with intrigue, love, betrayal and battle. The movie is fun and will give you a basic understanding of the history. There are several unfortunate historical errors in the movie. But it is not bad for Hollywood.

I will be adding a lot more about Scotland's fight for freedom. As well as some of her famous sons and daughters. This may take some time as I do have a bit of a busy life!! But never fear. I will get to it eventually.

Scotland the Brave!

The picture above will give you an idea of why this part of Scotland is called the highlands. Mountains and high lakes. The snow up here can get neck deep to a tall giraffe in the winter. In summer it is the most beautiful country on the planet. The beauty is unsurpassed by anyplace I have ever been.

This photo credit goes to my friend Mike Franklin. Thanks so much Mike. You are sweet. Be sure to visit his page. It is in the Friends Pages section. And tell him how you found him.

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