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Hello and welcome to my page! I am glad to see you. Thanks for taking a few minutes to drop in and look around. My little corner of the internet has been around now for about six months or so. It has changed a lot in that time. And I suspect it will see even more changes as it continues to grow. The idea is really to just have fun. And to give myself a chance to fool around with HTML. So, sit back, get your favorite beverage and get ready to have a look at everything I have to offer. I really hope you have a good time. Be sure to sign the guestbook while you are here.

Now for a little bit about me. My name is Heather. I am twenty-five years old. I was born in a small town in Scotland on July 8th. I am five feet nine. And have heard many times that I am quite tall. It is just my long legs. They make me seem tall. I work very hard to stay in shape. Some of the things I do are swim and aerobics. I also dance. But more about that later.

I have been in America for almost five years. I am here to study at a large university. I finished my undergraduate degree and am now working on postgraduate studies. I have another year in this program. I would like to get a job in Research and Development at a large company. But as of yet, I have accepted no offers and made no definite plans.

I love and miss my homeland and a lot. There will be more Scotland stuff to see here soon. Just keep watching. Scotland is a beautiful country with a rich heritage. I will share a small part of it with you. I do hope that you enjoy. And please come back soon!

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