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Meat Scottish Haggis
From the Kitchen of doublesexy


Servings: Serves 8
Preparation Time:

Recipe Ingredients

One sheeps paunch and pluck. One pound chopped Beef suet. (beef fat)
Half a pint of Oatmeal.
Two onions, chopped fine.
Two teaspoons of salt.
One pinch finley grated nutmeg.
One teaspoon pepper.
One teaspoon lemon juice.
One and half pints Beef stock.

Recipe Directions

Soak the paunch in salt water overnight. Make sure the water is cool.Flip it and wash quite well. Then also wash the liver.
Place the liver in a pot, cover with cold wayer. Then heat to boil. Boil for 45 minutes.
Add the heart and lights to the mix and continue to boil for another 45 minutes.
This will be the basis of the Haggis.
Then take the liver, heart and lights and place on cutting board. Chop well.
Add oatmeal, onions, pepper, nutmeg, suet, lemon juice and beef stock. Mix well!
Stuff all ingredients into the paunch. Sew it shut. Be sure to all for expansion of the oats!
Place in boiling water. Low boil for three hours. make sure to open a few small holes with a needle for the first hour or so. This will allow air to escape.
Serve with hot vegetables and fresh bread.

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