The reason I got my nipple pierced is something that is hard to put into words. I wanted to do something that would set me apart. I wanted to be different and yet not go too far. There was an urge to make changes to my body. I considered a tattoo but decided against it. Too permanent. The piercing can be removed at any time. The hole will grow closed and that will be the end of it. I guess if I had to define the reason for this in one phrase it would be this. "I got my nipple pierced because I wanted to step outside the bounds of social norms without becoming an enigma."

people have seen my pierced nipple since 6-19-99

My Piercing.

This is a picture of my piercing. I thought long and hard before deciding to add it to the page. It means a lot to me and is something that I am rather proud of. This is not meant to be a pornographic picture. I am sorry if I offend anyone. I don't feel that a bare breast is anything to hide or be ashamed of.

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