Dear Friends, Thank you for coming to visit my page. A special thanks to all of you that have been here before and are back to see what's new. I have completed my Masters degree in Chemical engineering and my thesis was accepted and earned highest honors from the faculty. I am now living in the Atlanta Ga. area and working for a large chemical company there. They have agreed to assist me in my continuing education. I hope to start work on a Ph.D. in the near future. Regrettably, these changes in my life have left little if any time for things like webpages and IRC chat. Since I will not be able to make even occasional updates to the page I have decided to just go ahead and pull it. A webpage that is not updated is not any fun. It gets stale and boring rather fast. So in the best interest of me, you and the page, I think this is the best thing. I will maintain my Yahoo email address, so please do write. I don't get to it real often, but I still check it now

Heather McLeod